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Gamedonia lets your team focus on creating fun games and breeze through server maintenance and infrastructure. Take advantage of cross platform game state management, social integration, push notifications, and more right after integrating the Gamedonia SDK into your game.

Be ready for success

Our Backend covers you whether you have a small or a colossal user base. Gamedonia instantly scales while you grow your business so you can focus on offering the best gaming experience.

Launch your game faster

Using Gamedonia removes the hassle of developing your backend allowing you to create engaging games smoothly and at a faster pace. Our SDK integration saves your time, plus, you only pay us when your game is successful.


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Stage Clear Studios
Shiny the Firefly

Using Gamedonia saved us months of development and added security to the game, all in all allowing us to conceive a more ambitious project with a smaller team. – Dani Santos, Stage Clear Studios

Frozen Shard
World War II: TCG

In a few hours, with Gamedonia’s tools and their personalized technical support, the development of the Cross-Platform PvP module and the players persistence data management was possible. – Christian Gascons, Frozen Shard


It was important for us to have an in-game chat, plus allowing our users to be able to share scores and achievements in Game Center using their Facebook user login. – Fernando Vaquero, DiverTap

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