User Engagement
Turn based Player vs Player
Easily create turn based games that allow users to engage in competition with other players.
“Increase player motivation”
Push notifications

Schedule push notifications to engage a selected segment of users. With Gamedonia’s composer, they’re easy to create.

“Let communication flow”
Leaderboards & achievements

Show player’s progress in the Leaderboards chart and set up specific goals to keep the motivation high.

“Foster player competition”
In-game chat

Chat communication inside the game is great for engagement and to build a thriving user community. Customize it and you’re ready to go.

“Engage your players”
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Creative Design
In-app purchases

A single line of Gamedonia custom code sets up secure in app purchases for your games. Feel save increasing your revenue potential.

“Busted man-in-the-middle”
Server side business game rules

Store code in our cloud offering top security. Execute your own code on the server side.

“Change game rules to make them go live fast”
Downloadable content

Create content to build an episodic game, easily manage game expansions and add tailored material for loyal players.

“Make episodic content”
Elo matchmaking

Challenge friends or use Gamedonia’s Elo rating system to be matched against same strength opponents.

“Player versus player at your fingertips”
Top Security
Automatic scalability

Gamedonia handles scalability instantly and automatically so you don't have to worry about it.

“Assure giving response to your users”
Secure bidirectional communications

SSL communications, 256-bit encryption, like banks. Signed and non-repeatable requests.

“Protected POST-GET”
Cross & multi platform

Gamedonia reduces your code complexity taking care of the most common actions for you.

“Be present in all devices and platforms”
Development & production environments

Every game inside Gamedonia has it’s own set of databases. Access them directly and download them at any time.

“Have your own sandboxes”
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Plus, you can benefit from many more features
User Engagement
Real time multiplayer server
User profile & game state management
Google Play & Game Center integration
Social networks integration
Creative Design
Action Script
Cocos 2d-x
Unity 3D
Top Security
Automatic deployments
Anti fraud IAP
Unlimited API requests
Unlimited data storage
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